Who we are...

Stephan and Ruth

We are a family of two people, two cats and, at various times, other people and creatures who adopt us or require our assistance (lambs, pukeko, ducklings etc.).

Stephan has lived on this land since 1977, farming at one time 500 breeding Romney ewes, Angus cattle and then later trying his hand at potato cropping.  Stephan now works for the local milk supply company three days each week and at home does all the land clearing, fencing, cooking and assists Ruth with stock movement and treatment as required.

Ruth is a returned local, having spent 13 years away in Auckland (with a brief stint in the UK). A novice farmer on her return at the end of 1995, she now manages and organises what goes on on the farm and, having trained as an Artificial Breeding Technician, can claim that many of the cattle on the farm are the "children (and grand-children) of her own arm".

We have chosen to opt out of the current Western societal norms of continual consumption and accumulation of material goods, so we work off the farm only enough to earn what we need to sustain ourselves - the farm gradually assuming more of that role, as we improve its operation.  It's a lifestyle we both enjoy very much.

We welcome visitors from anywhere, the only restrictions being that we don't tolerate sexism, racism or homophobia, or any other behaviour which impacts negatively on the lives of others.  We try to live our lives in a respectful and considerate manner, towards those around us and to our environment.

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