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Paradise Duck Reunion Coordination Service

female Paradise Duck

We are occasionally contacted by people who have raised Paradise Ducklings and would very much like to know where they ended up and whether or not they survived; we also hear from people who have been settled upon by obviously-tame ducks and wonder where they've come from.  This page is designed to attempt reunions in such cases.

Lost Ducks Found Ducks
12/4/08, Browns Bay, Auckland:
Young female with white head, body still quite dark but bronzing is apparent.
Has been at Browns Bay beach since January.  Quite tame and can be hand fed, answers to the name "Ducko".
We have fed her and she has walked the beach with us for hours every evening since she arrived.  We didn`t want to move her in case she flew off and became disorientated.  She is inclined to lie on the pavement and generally likes being around people.
We have heard she was taken from outside the "Speakers Corner Ale House" between 8.45pm and 10.30pm on Sunday 6/4/08.  Apparently she flew away from her captors on their journey home.
Has anybody seen her,or if you are the people who took her could you please contact us as we love her and would like to find her?
Please don't try to catch her as this will cause her further distress.
23/1/11, Takanini, Auckland:
Male; Arrived at our place about 2 weeks ago (8th Jan 2011).  Very friendly, just started eating out of our hands.
28/12/10, Hastings:
He is a male, seems very tame, no mate nearby. Flew in yesterday afternoon (27 December 2010)and is happily living in our chicken coop. No idea what age but is quite big.
31/3/08, Cromwell:
We have a male which arrived several days ago and seems quite settled on our front lawn. Goes for walks down street but comes right up to us and seems quite tame.
25/2/07, Levin:
Male, nice, but occasionally quite aggressive, arrives at house 7am, flies back to spend nights with some nearby sheep.  The duck is quite happy to enter the house, and may be familiar with cats as is quite happy to stop them coming and going from said house!

If you have lost or found a duck, please use the following form and your description will be posted here,
or if a duck you recognise is listed, we will put you in touch with the finder.

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