Isla calved at 8.12pm on Monday 19 October.

Congratulations to those who guessed the correct date.

I was accidentally unclear in the entry page - the competition has always been about the date, but having added the time, I confused things.

I have decided therefore to award prizes to:
who had the closest time on the correct date, and also to
whose guessed time was the closest.

cow and calf

Entries received

10 October Sandy, Hawkes Bay, 10.10pm;
11 October Mike, Kaitaia, 10am;
12 October Megan, Martinborough, 4am;
16 October Nadene, Mangatawhiri, 4am;
Diane, NZ, 4.30am; Stephan, Diggers Valley, 3pm;
17 October Rebeca, Spain, 4am;
Ruth, Diggers Valley, 3.42pm;
18 October Allan, Christchurch, 1am;
Joyce, Loveland Ohio, 1am;
Pip, Kaukapakapa, 2.40am;
Jachin, Auckland, 5am;
Sharyn, Auckland, 10.38am;
19 October Sue, Levin, 3am;
Sheryl, Hikurangi, 3.30am;
Bob, (wishes he was in) Opononi, 3.42am;
Bernie, Melbourne, 5am;
20 October Maria, East Taieri, 1.02am;
BeeDee, Waikato, 10am;
Renée, Otaki, 11am;
Natalie, Papakura, 9.15pm;
26 October Hannah, Kaukapakapa, 11.30pm.

Thank you all for taking part!