Eva's Second Calving Date Competition, 2012

Eva successfully calved on the night of Friday, 5 October, at 10:35 pm, a daughter!

Congratulations to me for getting the date right, but the guessed time entered by Suzi was actually closer.

Since I can't really award myself the unspecified prize, I'll bend the rules and turn this into the calving time competition and thus Suzi wins!

Angus calf

Eva's calf on 6 October.

From a suggested prize selection including a weekend for two on the farm, a subscription to New Zealand Lifestyle Block Magazine, a framed picture of her favourite Diggers Valley Cow, a dessicated weasel or a bag of possum fur (all these originating in my own exhausted brain), Suzi has elected to accept the offer of a weekend on the farm.

Entries received

28 September Stella, Auckland;
1 October Stephan, Diggers Valley: 11.23 am;
2 October Ella, Whakatane: 3.25 pm;
3 October Delroy, Christchurch: 9.35 am;
4 October Renée, Otaki: 2 am;
Catherine, Oxford: 5.47 am;
Michelle, Whakatane: 2.45 pm;
5 October Ruth, Diggers Valley: 5.52 am;
6 October Suzi, North Shore, Auckland: 11.10 am;
Zac, Gosport, UK;
10 October Sue, Levin: 6 am;
Melanie, Mississippi USA: 6 pm;
11 October Vicky-Lee, Hamilton: 7.27 am;
12 October Shelley, Waitakere, Auckland: 4.30 am;
Bernie, Melbourne, Australia: 1:30 pm;
Hannah, Auckland: 2.15 pm;
13 October Christina, Kaitaia: 4.45 am;
Rhys, Chongqing, P.R. China: 5 pm;
14 October Jon, Waitakere, Auckland: 5.30 pm;
15 October Steve, Huntly: 6 am;
Joyce, Loveland, Ohio USA: 7.23 am;
22 October Megan, Martinborough: 11 am;
31 October Sally, Onewhero: 2 pm.

Thank you all for taking part!