Eva's Third Calving Date Competition, 2013

Long-time readers of this website will be familiar with, and may have participated in the annual Isla's Calving Date Competition, which ran each year from 2001 until 2009.  Isla died at the end of 2009.

In 2011 Virago Eva 81, Isla's great Granddaughter, calved for the first time and the new calving date competition centres on her.

Anyone may enter the competition from anywhere in the world.  Entry is FREE.

At the close of the competition only your first name and location will be published on this website; email addresses will only be used for contact in regard to this competition (and the update emails, if you request them); we never pass them on to anyone else!

The (hopefully) happy event will be announced as soon after it occurs as possible.

Eva has calved: another daughter!

R5 Angus cow
31 October 2013.

The sire was BT Right Time 24J and here is a picture of him.

The prize is a six-month subscription to New Zealand Lifestyle Block Magazine, for guessing closest to the actual time of calving.

Eva's gestation with this calf was 282 days.  My own guess was a last-minute one with some extra information: the sire of this calf has caused longer gestations in my cows than usual, so I factored that in to my guess for Eva ... and still got it wrong.

Congratulations to Sheryl, who wins the prize, having guessed the time closest to Eva's calving at 6.30am on Thursday, 31 October.

Entries received

15 October Hannah, Auckland: 11am, heifer
24 October David, Nelson: 10.45am, bull
Sue, Ohau: 10.15pm, bull
Dominique, who knows where?: 11pm, heifer
25 October Megan, Martinborough: 5am, bull
Nadene, Mangatawhiri: 9am, heifer
Bernie, Melbourne: 1.30pm, bull
26 October Suzi, Rothesay Bay: 5.10am, bull
27 October Renée, Otaki: 5am, heifer
Joyce, Ohio USA: 2.23pm, bull
Steve, Huntly: 5.30pm, bull
29 October Jachin, Auckland: 7.42am, heifer
Delroy, Christchurch: 7.45am, heifer
30 October Sheryl, Whangarei: 1.45pm, bull
1 November Shelley, Waitakere: 4.15am, heifer
2 November Ruth, Diggers Valley: 6.45am, bull
6 November Allan, Christchurch: 9.30am, heifer

Thank you all for taking part!