The Twins' Calving Date Competition, 2013

In 2011, 545 gave birth to identical twins Gem 698 and Meg 699.  Last summer they were both mated by bull 106, on the 2nd and 5th of January respectively.

There will be two parts to this competition: the birth date/s and the sex/es of the calves.  Will these identical twins end up calving on the same day, or the same gestational day and will their calves be sisters or brothers, or one of each?  I'm looking forward to finding out.

Anyone may enter the competition from anywhere in the world for FREE, but only one entry per person, please.

At the close of the competition only your first name and location will be published on this website; email addresses will only be used for contact in regard to this competition (and the update emails, if you request them), we never pass them on to anyone else.

The (hopefully) happy events will be announced as soon as possible after they occur.

Gem had a son, at 9.35 on Wednesday morning, 9 October.

R2 Angus heifer and calf
Gem 698 and her calf.

Meg had a son at 4.45 on Sunday afternoon, 13 October.

R2 Angus heifer and calf
Meg 699 and her calf.

Congratulations to those who got the bits right they did and none of us got very near getting it all correct.  I'm very pleased they've both successfully calved, rather pleased they have both produced bulls, because it will make comparisons between them over the next six months easier than if their calves were of different sexes.  When they're both clean and dry, I'll get some close-up photos of their little faces and see how alike they are.

Thank you all very much for joining in this bit of fun.

This Competition closed at midnight on Wednesday 2 October 2013.

Entries received

1 October Ella, Whakatane: 698 heifer
3 October Shelley, Waitakere: 698 heifer
Ella, Whakatane: 699 bull
4 October Steve, Huntly: 698 twins, one of each
5 October Jon, Waitakere: 698 bull
Ruth, Diggers Valley: both bulls
8 October Shelley, Waitakere: 699 bull
Sue, Ohau: 698 heifer
9 October Bernie, Melbourne: 698 heifer
Sandy, Hawkes Bay: 698 heifer
Nadene, Mangatawhiri: 699 bull
Joyce, Loveland, Ohio USA: 698 bull
Peter, Kaitaia: 698 bull
10 October Jon, Waitakere: 699 bull
Steve, Huntly: 699 heifer
Suzi, Rothesay Bay: both heifers
Sandy, Hawkes Bay: 699 bull
Nadene, Mangatawhiri: 698 heifer
Joyce, Loveland, Ohio USA: 699 heifer
Steve, Canterbury: 698 heifer
11 October Janice, Okaihau: 698 heifer
Maria, East Taieri: 698 bull
Steve, Canterbury: 699 heifer
Peter, Kaitaia: 699 heifer
12 October Bernie, Melbourne: 699 bull
Maria, East Taieri: 699 heifer
Sue, Ohau: 699 bull
Hannah, Auckland: 698 heifer
13 October Melanie, Vicksburg MS: both heifers
Megan, Martinborough: 698 bull, 699 heifer
Hannah, Auckland: 699 heifer
14 October Nicola, Wellington: 698 heifer
Janice, Okaihau: 699 bull
15 October Nicola, Wellington: 699 bull
27 October Renée, Otaki: both heifers

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