Eva's Fifth Calving Date Competition, 2015

The annual Isla's Calving Date Competition ran each year from 2001 until 2009.  Isla died at the end of 2009.

In 2011 Virago Eva 81, Isla's great Granddaughter, calved for the first time and the annual competition has since centred on her.

The competition closed at midnight on Sunday, 4 October and the (hopefully) happy event will be announced as soon after it occurs as possible.

Eva delivered a tiny daughter around 9.30pm on Monday, 5 October.

CONGRATULATIONS to Megan from Martinborough, who correctly guessed today and got the sex right too!

cow and calf
Photo taken 16 September 2015.

The usual gestation period for cattle is 275 - 290 days (about two weeks longer than human babies).

This year's calf is sired by our bull 87 and the action of interest occurred on New Year's Eve (she was his New Year's Eva?)

Guessing the sex of the calf is just an extra bit of fun, although if two people guess the correct time and one gets the sex wrong, that would decide the winner.

The prize is the winner's choice of a six-month subscription to New Zealand Lifestyle Block Magazine or a weekend for two on the farm as our guests, for guessing closest to the actual time of calving.

Thank you all for your entries as listed below:

3 October Stephan, Diggers Valley: 1am, bull
4 October Dominique, Luxemburg, Wisconsin: 12.30pm, heifer
5 October Megan, Martinborough: 12.10am, heifer
7 October Ruth, Diggers Valley: 7.35am, heifer
Steve, Huntly: 5.35pm, heifer
Sue, Ohau: 9.30pm, bull
Bernie, Melbourne, Australia: 10.35pm, bull
8 October Nadene, Mangatawhiri: 6am, heifer
Rhys, Christchurch-ish: 6.15pm, bull
9 October Suzi, Waiwera: 11.20pm, heifer
12 October Joyce, Loveland, Ohio USA: 1.05pm, heifer
Hannah, Orewa: 2.15pm, bull
Maria, East Taieri: 9.05pm, bull
Shelley, Waitakere: 10.30pm, heifer
13 October Jon, Waitakere: 8.45pm, bull
15 October Sandy, Central Hawkes Bay: 10.30pm, heifer
16 October Melanie, MS, US: 4pm, heifer
19 October Renée, Otaki: 5am, heifer