Eva's Annual Calving Date Competition, 2017

Angus cow

To Eva and Summitcrest Focus 2U66, a daughter, at 11.38am on the 5th of October.

Congratulations to Jachin, for guessing the correct date!

Thank you all for your entries as listed below, my apologies for failing to acknowledge any of them as promised.

As you see, this is an increasingly exclusive competition with extremely good odds.

1 October Sue, Levin Horowhenua: 9.45pm, heifer
Dominique, Wisconsin: 12:17 pm, heifer
3 October Joyce, Loveland, Ohio USA: 9:40 pm, heifer
5 October Jachin, Auckland: 0630, bull
8 October Ruth, Diggers Valley: 1.30pm, heifer
10 October Bernie, Melbourne: 1:00 AM, bull
13 October Christina, Kaitaia: 4.45am, heifer
14 October Sandy, Central Hawkes Bay: 6.15pm, bull
15 October Renée, Otaki: 2am, heifer
17 October Elissa, Indianapolis, USA: 4 pm, heifer
23 October Melanie, Louisiana: 4 pm, bull,
6 November Jon, Waitakere: 10pm, bull
10 November Shelley, Waitakere: 5pm, heifer

The prize is a weekend on the farm as our guest(s), for guessing closest to the actual time of calving.  There's no time-limit on collecting the prize, so do enter, even if you think you couldn't get here any time soon.
[Sponsorship of other prizes is welcome and if you can't possibly collect the official prize, of course we'll send you something nice instead.]

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