The Farm in Diggers Valley

Eva's Annual Calving Date Competition, 2018
Angus cow

To Eva and S Chisum 6175, a daughter, at 9.17pm on the 1st of October, two days earlier than she's ever calved before.

Here is a link to some video of S Chisum 6175 amongst some cows.

Thank you all for your entries as listed below, to this increasingly exclusive competition.

Congratulations to Hannah, with the closest entry this year!  Hannah has been entering the competition since 2004.

3 October *Stephan, Diggers Valley: 7am, bull;
4 October Hannah, Orewa: 6.08am, heifer;
5 October Ruth, Diggers Valley: 7pm, heifer;
6 October Melanie, Tallulah, Louisiana USA: 4pm, heifer;
Sue, Levin: 8.30pm, heifer;
7 October Bernie , Melbourne, Australia: 5.30am, heifer;
Shelley, Waitakere: 9.30am, heifer;
8 October Penny Blossom, Nelson: 8.55am, heifer;
Suzi, Upper Waiwera: 8.45pm, heifer;
9 October Joyce, Loveland, Ohio USA: 1.45am, heifer;
10 October Dominique, Luxemburg, Wisconsin USA: 1.50pm, heifer;
Jon, Waitakere: 3.45pm, bull;
Sandy, Central Hawkes Bay: 10.10pm, heifer;
15 October David, Nelson: 3.10pm, bull;
17 October Sandi, Diggers Valley: 7.35am, heifer;
24 October Maria, Mosgiel: 1.39pm, heifer;

* Disqualified.  (Explanation to come in the weekly update.)