Eva's Annual Calving Date Competition, 2019
Angus cow

Eva had a bull, born 26 October at 6.23pm.

The usual gestation period for cattle is 275 - 290 days (about two weeks longer than human babies).

This year's calf is again sired by S Chisum 6175, by artificial insemination on 20 January this year.

You must enter a date (not just a number of days) and a time.

Guessing the sex of the calf is just an extra bit of fun, although if two people guess the correct time and one gets the sex wrong, that would decide the winner.

The prize is an extended weekend on the farm as our guests, for guessing closest to the actual time of calving.  There's no time-limit on collecting the prize, so do enter, even if you think you couldn't get here any time soon.
[Sponsorship of other prizes is welcome and if you can't possibly collect the official prize, of course we'll send you something nice instead.]

The Competition closed at midnight on Sunday 20 October 2018.

Thank you all for your entries as listed below:

19 October Hannah, Hatfields Beach: 2.30am, heifer
21 October Renée, Otaki: 1.25am, heifer
Melanie, Texas: 10.21am, bull
Bernie, Melbourne: 1.30pm, bull
23 October Samuel, Bristol, England: 5.53pm, heifer
25 October Stephan, Diggers Valley: 9.15pm, bull
Ruth, Diggers Valley: 10.35pm, heifer
These two entries are entirely coincidentally on the same night.
26 October Sue, Levin: 9.30pm, heifer
28 October Miryam, UK: 7.04am, heifer
Jess, Bristol, UK: 7.14am, heifer
Jenny, Papakura: 11am, heifer
Sandy, Central Hawkes Bay: 11.45am, heifer
29 October Dominique, Luxemburg, WI: 1.50pm, heifer
30 October Megan, Martinborough: 4.30am, heifer
Amanda, London: 6.20pm, heifer
31 October Shelley, Waitakere Township: 10.30pm, heifer
Fran, Opiki: midnight, heifer
2 November Jon, Waitakere Township: 6.45am, bull
3 November Sarah, Stoke St Mary, England: 11.45pm, heifer
4 November Jude, Grey Lynn: 11.55pm, heifer
7 November Peter, Kaitāia: 1.30am, heifer
28 September 2019