The week beginning 12th April, 2003.
Saturday the 12th

Our garden has become a big mess.  Actually, the grass is so long we can't even see the plants!

The previously weaned cows needed somewhere to go, so we put up some electric fencing tapes and set them to work on the 'lawn'.

mother and daughter, grazing on the lawn

Here are 14 and 307, who are mother and daughter.  14 is now 7½ years old and has two adult daughters in the herd.  Her third daughter and last calf, died when she was born last spring.

While we were out at a birthday party in the evening, two people arrived and moved into our house!  They are Stephan's nephew, Daniel, and Sebastian, who is five and has come to stay for the school holidays.

Monday, 14th

Issa and Rachel came to stay today, for just a couple of nights.  Issa immediately went out to inspect Onix, who was still near the house with the other cows.

Issa, Sebastian and Ms Duck

Then out for a spot of ball with Sebastian, closely supervised by Ms Duck.

Issa, Sebastian and Ms Duck

Issa and Sebastian both spent time out fencing with Stephan and then Rachel and Issa left us and we got on with the unusual task of looking after a small boy.

When one has chosen not to have children, the sudden presence of a child brings some serious changes!  So much for getting the tax returns finished, or writing anything for the website, or much else apart from feeding, entertaining, answering questions and keeping up with a small person with a huge apetite and enormous energy.

What a hugely entertaining and exhausting pastime.  Thank you Mummy Kursty for raising such a lovely child and we're tremendously grateful that he goes to sleep immediately at 7 o'clock!