Who we are...

Stephan and Ruth

We are a family of two people, a Rose-breasted Cockatoo named Floss, forty budgerigars, some hens and a herd of beautiful Angus cattle. Sometimes we also have a daughter, named Isabella (Ella).

Stephan has lived on this land since 1977, when his veterinarian father, Patrick, retired and he and Muriel decided they wanted to live rurally, in a business partnership with Stephan, who would be the primary farmer. Fortunately Patrick and Stephan came to the Far North (from Gisborne) at the very time this farm was listed for sale and as soon as they walked over the little bridge, they knew it was the right place.

At one time Stephan had 500 breeding Romney ewes, Angus and Hereford cattle and then later tried his hand at potato cropping.  He also had to work off-farm for many years, shearing, then later for the local town milk supply company, to pay the mortgage.

Stephan has now achieved sufficient seniority to qualify for receipt of Government Superannuation, so no longer has to work away from the farm and is able to remain "at home" doing all the land clearing, fencing, cooking and assists Ruth with stock movement and treatment as required.

Ruth left home at just 17, from a house at the start of Diggers Valley Road, and went away to Auckland for 13 years (with a brief stint in the UK). At the end of 1995 she returned and recaptured Stephan's heart (it's a long story in various versions), quickly learnt the base of what she now knows about farming and has managed the animals and the farm for much of the time since then.

We welcome visitors from anywhere, the only restrictions being that we don't tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, or any other behaviour that impacts negatively on the lives of others.  We try to live our lives in a respectful and considerate manner, towards those around us and to our environment.

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