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On this page are examples of some of our hand-crafts: wood-turning by Stephan
and hats and other knitted garments by Ruth.

Some of Magda Cotman's Pottery featured in July 2004.

wood turned crafts

Stephan learned to turn wood many years ago, but has only recently had the opportunity to take up that hobby again, to his great delight.  He is experimenting with all sorts of woods, some milled from fallen trees on the farm.  His current speciality is turning lidded trinket boxes of various sizes, which are finished with only the application of oil and/or furniture polish and generally felt-lined to provide a soft recepticle for whatever trinkets the boxes may be required to contain.

Email: contact@diggersvalley.co.nz


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Hats and other knitted garments


All hats are knitted in pure (mostly New Zealand) wool, can be knitted in any colour or stitch
and may be purchased for NZ$40.00 plus p&p.

Any other garment may be knitted by arrangement, in either wool or cotton yarn.


There is of course, the possibility of combining the two - wood-turning and knitting ....

egg-cups with hats

That special present for the person who still enjoys a boiled egg, a wood-turned egg-cup and hand-knitted egg-hat.  NZ$20.00 plus p&p.

Email: contact@diggersvalley.co.nz


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