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Virago Isla 02

Isla was the first stud heifer born on this farm.  She arrived in-utero 'on board' Ivy 556 of Maunu, who was one of the first two cows we bought from the dispersal sale of Mr Ralph France's Maunu Angus Stud in 1997.
Born on 12 August 1998, Isla has become very special.  She was raised by her mother until she was over six months old and was then gradually tamed by Ruth, with the judicious use of various yummy treats and a great deal of grooming.  She went through a turbulent adolescence (as far as we could tell), becoming like any ordinary teenager: stroppy, kicking out at any passer-by and noisy, but has now entered adulthood to become the friendly individual we hoped she would be.  Actually she's still quite noisy and can be heard anywhere on the farm.

Isla Isla
October 1998 at 2 months old. January 1999 at five months old.
Isla In September 2000 at 2 years old.  At this stage she weighed around 425kg.

On 13 December 2000 I inseminated Isla with semen from an American bred bull, GDAR Traveler 71.  That insemination having been successful, Isla's due date is around 20 September 2001.

At the end of February 2001, I took Isla to the A&P show in Kaitaia and she won first prize in her class - but she was the only one in that part of the competition.  Still, she was awarded a nice red ribbon!

Isla, Ruth and the judge, A&P show 2001

Isla gave birth to her daughter on the morning of Tuesday the 11th of September, while I went off to get the camera!

Isla and calf  Isla and Abigail

Here's her daughter, Abigail, on the last day of 2001... Virago Abigail 08 AB

At the end of February 2001 we all went to the A&P Show in Kaitaia, Isla winning a 2nd and Abigail a third placing, in their respective classes.

Abigail, Ruth and Isla, in the ring at the A&P show  Isla and her ribbon

Isla has proven herself to be a great cow, topping the herd in calf growth-rates each year.  First daughter, Abigail, has produced four daughters and a son of her own (in 2003, 4, 5, 6 and 7)  I used Isla's first son, Arran 20, as a herd-sire for two years, with his first daughter calving in the spring of 2007.

For all that sentiment is supposed not to enter into farming decision-making, I've been very fortunate that my choice of favourite turned out to be such a great animal!

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