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Calf Birth, March 2001

Calf Birth, March 2002

Onix calving, March 2002
(first-time heifer calving).

The Onix Files
A cow belonging to Ruth's nephew, Issa.

Isla's "unofficial" page
Our first pedigree Angus heifer.

"Ordinary" or Commercial cattle

Virago Stud
Our Angus Stud.

Glossary of Terms

Throughout the weekly updates on this site, are details of activities with the cattle.
Here below are direct links to some of those places:

Breeding, including mating, pregnancy, calving:

Pelvic changes pre-birth: picture and text
Breech presentation: pictures and text
TWINS: pictures and text
Calving 2 year old heifers: picture and text
Calving problems, finish of Autumn calving: pictures and text
Abandoned calf: picture and text
R3 pregnant heifers, 2003: pictures

Lying-in behaviour of cows/calves: pictures and text
Birth to six months, a comparison in size: pictures

Mating signs: picture and text
Applying heat indicators: picture
Reuniting the bulls after mating: picture and text

Veterinarians' "guess-timates" of calving dates when diagnosing pregnancy: Comment
Experiments in pregnancy diagnosis: text
Pregnancy testing: text
Weaning 2003: pictures and text


Injections: text
Copper supplementation: text
Oral drenching: Pictures and picture and text
Drenching and measuring the bulls: text
Drenching for Liver Fluke, pregnancy testing, semen selection: text
Leptospirosis Vaccination: picture and comment
Pneumonia: text and picture
Injury and healing: picture and description


Ear-tagging: picture
Ear-tag requirements and weaner fair: pictures and text

General Management:

Animal housing: text
Spring pasture management, 2002: text
Management of fat cows: comment and picture
Cull cows to the works: picture and text
Working in the yards: pictures and text
Weaning weights - heifers, 2003: picture and data
Management of different classes of cattle: comment
Grazing pattern: picture

Calf-taming: text
Calf lead-training: pictures and text
Travel by horse-float: pictures
Cattle competition at the Hokianga A & P Show, 2002: pictures and text
Our cattle at the Mangonui A & P Show, 2002: pictures and text
The Northland Angus Ward mini-tour: pictures and text

Homekill - the butchering process: pictures  (you will need to email for a password to view this page.)

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Links to other sites of interest

(LSB), an easy-to-use lifestyle-blockers' site, with lots of information on breeds, animal care and health; includes a discussion forum, hints and tips page, advertising pages for users.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society (UK)

American Angus Association

Oklahoma State University,
Department of Animal Science: An interesting history lesson in the development of the Angus breed.

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