January 2002
Paradise ducks

The paradise ducks have now assumed something like their permanent colours and very nice they look too. Catching them in flight on film is proving a little difficult, but every now and then I get one...

Flying male Paradise duck

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calf whispering

The "calf whispering" continues. Sunday 20th was Abigail's fifth time out on the lead and progress is being made every time. I can put the halter on her out in the paddock, which means we don't all have to walk into the yards every time I want to do some more work with her.

leading the calf

Then it's straight back to the preferred "tether"... Isla feeding Abigail

Ivy ... while Granny Ivy looks on.

I went off to Auckland for almost a week to continue to wait for the birth of Jude's baby, who eventually appeared, well "over-cooked" on a Thursday for morning tea.

New baby Stella with Aunty and Jude

This is Stella, who is, of course, the most beautiful baby in the whole world, with me, doting aunty, and Jude, who generously allowed me to hold and gaze at my new niece for long periods. Roger was equally generous, but I could see he just wanted to tear her away from me all the time - but then he just left her on his chest for sleeps; he wasn't really using her for anything at all.

Stella and Roger

Stella has her own pictures page if you'd like to see more.


Back at the very beginning of December, there were fruit like this appearing; big fat juicy blackberries. The earliest I'd seen them here before was Xmas Eve, but this year they started early and have continued on in huge abundance.
If you'd like to come picking, you're very welcome.

jam making

This is what Stephan has been doing with them in my absence.

jars of jam