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gorse in flower

Gorse Control
There's quite a bit of this charming plant about the place. We've set the spider-gorse-mite onto the job, but they are, after all, mites, not mighty, at least in the short to medium term. However, due to direct human intervention, quite a bit more of the yellow spiky peril is lying prostrate now than at this time last year. An ongoing battle!

Fencing is one of our ongoing projects. Some parts of some of the fences on the property are possibly 90 years old, built of huge old Puriri posts which are finally giving up the ghost. Puriri wood is tremendously hard and heavy and thus lasts for a very long time. Other fences built since Stephan has lived here, have served their purpose in some cases for a quarter of a century and need significant upgrading or replacement.

before picture This area, near the back of the farm, is under redevelopment, to realign a difficult fence line and make cattle movement easier.

This is the "before" shot.

another 'before' picture This is the same area from the other direction.
fencing in progress "during"

The fence is actually almost complete (end of July 2001) but requires a visit from the photographer with the camera!

Stephan at work on a fence This is the bloke who does all this stuff.

recently cut

Scrub Clearing
The hill which was cut over earlier in 2001. This photo was taken in October 2001 and shows the cut scrub, now dead and rotting down.
We leave quite a few of the larger trees standing, both for land stability and cattle shelter.

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