Paradise Duck Reunion Coordination Service
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We are occasionally contacted by people who have raised Paradise Ducklings and would very much like to know where they ended up and whether or not they survived; we also hear from people who have been settled upon by obviously-tame ducks and wonder where they've come from.  This page is designed to attempt reunions in such cases.

Found Ducks

30 September 2019

Female Paradise duck found: "Heard through community groups her mate was run over a month ago. She seems distressed, wants to be fed, flies up at our window (open or closed) like she wants in."

29 June 2019

Female Paradise duck found St Martins area, near the Heathcote river, Christchurch. Lame on one leg, looks like an old healed fracture. Seems fairly tame. Doesn't appear to have a mate. Any info would be appreciated!

If you have lost or found a duck, email us and your description will be posted here, or if a duck you recognise is listed, we will put you in touch with the finder*.

* Neither your name nor email address will appear on this page and your details will not be given to any other party without your express permission, in the event of a "duck match".