The Farm in Diggers Valley


There are several types of "domestic" birds on the farm. We have some chickens, but only for household egg-laying now. This page contains a few photos of some of the breeds we've had on the farm over the years.

Other Poultry

We had, for a couple of years, two turkeys - one who just arrived one day and the other hatched from some eggs we acquired from friends. Both are now deceased, one from causes unknown, one by design.
There was one lonely Peacock, who wandered down the drive one day and stayed for the rest of his life.
There were a few of an interesting hybrid we called the Pheasantams - the result of a wild Pheasant mating with our bantam hens.
There were Muscovy ducks for some years and a lone goose was brought to live with us in 2003 and is probably quite old by now.

Wild birds

There is a great range of species of native and introduced birds in our area. Those we see most often are the Harrier Hawk, Kukupa (wood pigeon), Pukeko, Paradise Duck, Spur-winged plover, Kingfisher and Tui, as well as the usual New Zealand garden birds - black-bird, thrush, sparrows and the like.

Paradise Duck

We've had close dealings with both Pukeko and Paradise Ducks, raising them from hatchlings to adults, after rescuing them in various circumstances.

Paradise Duck Reunion Service

Lost or found a tame Paradise Duck? We may be able to help.