Week beginning 13 October 2001

Today is the 78th anniversary of the birth of my father, Brian Francis Martyn Renner.

I found this bird across the flats. It looked a bit cold, so I pinched it from its irate parents, who've now probably gone off to lay some more eggs.  It's a Spur-winged Plover.

spur-winged plover chick spur-winged plover chick

This rather sad sight greeted me, on checking the pukeko nest I've been watching ...

egg shell remnants in an empty nest

...obviously some other creature has also discovered it, probably a hawk.

The Paradise Ducklings continue to expand at an alarming rate, now sprouting feathers on their shoulders...

Two Paradise ducklings Two Paradise ducklings

Next Duckling Digest

People talk about sheep blindly following each other around... what about this lot?

ducks, single-file, returning from a day's free-ranging