The Week Beginning 29th June 2002

Jane (our neighbour who comes walking with me sometimes) and I went out to move some of the cattle around the middle of the farm, and were accompanied by Ms Duck (see last week for the start of this story).  She watched us walk out across the paddock and then flew to just ahead of us and repeated her move several times as we went further out.  We kept talking to her as we walked (as one does).  She lost us when we were working with the cattle under some trees, but was there again when we came out onto the flat paddocks, and followed home again.  She seems to be in need of company.

The lovely Ms Duck
Sunday 30th June

Here Ms Duck had taken a quick flight from her bath-side perch to the driveway where we were returning from a walk.  (I'm hoping not to encourage her to follow across the road and up the hill, as that would take her to unsafe airspace.)

Stephan talking to the duck

Crispin just after a grooming session, so his curls have flattened out a bit.


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Tuesday 2nd July

This is the strangest looking pirate I've ever seen!

Stephan with a duck on his shoulder
Friday 5th July

Well, she spent her first few weeks in this room, so naturally she'd find her way back in sometime.  This will not become a habit, though, since her 'calling cards' are significantly larger and wetter than when she was only a handful of fluffy duckling!

Ruth and Ms Duck share a quiet moment